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Ashley Gurevich

Mortgage Loan Originator &

Certified Mortgage Advisor, NMLS #847540

About Me

Meet Ashley – Your Bay Area Mortgage Ally

Navigating the Bay Area’s bustling property market, Ashley stands out as a mortgage advisor who blends expertise with empathy. Her commitment is to the journey as much as the destination—ensuring every client is educated, confident, and ready to make one of life’s biggest decisions. Ashley’s approach is both methodical and personable, providing a tailored experience that transforms the complex mortgage process into a smooth and stress-free endeavor.

With a knack for precision and a heart for genuine connection, she anticipates the needs of her clients, consistently delivering results that exceed expectations. Ashley’s clients feel heard, supported, and guided every step of the way, often describing their experience as one where professionalism meets the warmth of a trusted friend. At The Money Store, Ashley’s leadership reflects in a team just as dedicated to your dream of homeownership as you are.




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What Sets Us Apart?

What is a Mortgage Advisor? A Mortgage Advisor is an additional certification beyond the required Mortgage Loan Officer State License. Mortgage Advisors have a strong focus on creating a more educated and empowered borrower by breaking down complex concepts into terms easier to understand. A Mortgage Advisor is not transaction based. We are people, and relationship based. In short, we care about you and your finances and want to do what we can to add value to you and support you in reaching your financial goals. Communication, education and organization all go into making a positive experience for your loan process.